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Resident Centered Care

Resident Centered Care in assisted living at Royal Estates is a commitment to delivering services and care tailored to each individual circumstance, need, interest or desire.

Our role and our care goals are to promote the optimum quality of life and sense of purpose for our residents.

We find that this quality of life depends on the quality of the relationships the residents have with the direct care staff. Staff can determine how best to serve each resident by knowing as much as possible about each resident's life story, preferences and abilities.

Our innovative resident clinical evaluation is designed to capture all the nuances of your needs and create a comprehensive plan of service.

Our technology compiles all the information from the service plan and communicates your specific needs to the staff, ensuring timely and specific attention to detail.

We are here to partner with you, to learn and to craft a plan of care that will maximize purpose, independence and joy.


435 S Mesa Hills Dr
El Paso, TX 79912


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